Follow these simple steps:

1.   If you do not have the Cash App you will need to download it

2.   Open the app

3.   Type in a dollar amount that you want to give

4.   Tap “Pay”

5.   In the “To Field” type: $uwdc1225

6.   In the “For Field” type: Your LEGAL Name, phone#, and the giving fund

(i.e.,General; Class; Bldg; 21st Cent; CapCamp, etc.) 

Example: Jane Doe 555-555-5555 General

7.   Tap “Pay”

8.   Confirm your Cash with your “PIN”

NOTE: It is very important that you follow STEP 6 so that we can track your donation for Income Tax contribution statement purposes. If you choose to exclude this information we will not be able to identify who you are, where you want your donation to go, or contact you if we have any questions.