Zoom Etiquette Tips

When participating in a live video meeting/class, it is important to remember that many of the same rules that apply in face-to-face meetings/classes apply in a virtual setting.

  • Be patient – Technology can be awkward and we’re all learning. Practice grace with yourself, and others.
  • Practice First – If Zoom is new to you, practice once or twice before the event if possible.
  • Joining Early – Join meeting/class a few minutes early to be ready to go and in case you experience any technical challenges.
  • Muting Microphone – Background noise can be distracting to facilitator/instructor and other participates
    • Mute your mic upon entry to meeting/class — if not already muted
    • Unmute when you are speaking (i.e., asking questions or contributing to the discussion)
    • To quickly unmute, just press and hold the space bar down while talking – NOTE: When released you will be muted again
  • Raising your hand –To maximize the flow of comments/questions during the meeting/class — visibly raise your hand; utilize Zoom’s “raise your hand” function; or put comments in the chat box.
  • Utilize the chat box – When asking questions or providing comments relevant to the discussion.
  • Stopping Video – To limit distractions stop video if you are moving your device or you need to absent yourself (even if for a short period)
  • Be Attentive – Others can see and/or hear you — Please refrain from eating, watching TV or other distracting behaviors
  • Please don’t be offended if you get muted or your camera is turned-off; especially when the background noise is distracting or you are engaged in distracting behavior (eating, moving around, etc.)

Enjoy the process – Now is the time to stay connected, to build better relationships, and to stay motivated by supporting one another.  Although we are not meeting in person, we can still see each other and have voice contact.