Guided by Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

A vibrant Prayer Ministry practicing Affirmative Prayer touching all aspects of the lives of congregants at Unity of Washington, DC and people around the globe.

Our Mission

To affirm the Truth and to join with others in raising our Consciousness by invoking the healing power and activity of the Holy Spirit.

Our Core Values

  • We are committed to Truth Principles
  • We believe that God does the work
  • We seek to build spiritual community
  • We demonstrate empathy, compassion, and unconditional love to all who seek prayer
  • We honor confidentiality
  • We believe in the power of united prayer
  • We are committed to maintain a positive mindset
  • We focus on our faith in God
  • We are dedicated to the cause of helping others recognizing their wholeness and perfection
  • We seek to create, peace, joy, harmony, love, and total fulfillment



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