Spiritual Support Network

Lay Leader Ministry

Support and work with the Senior Minister to foster the spiritual growth and development of congregants through leadership, instruction, prayer, dialogue and continuous education for all. Lay Leaders serve to help build the consciousness of Unity through teaching and personal demonstration of Truth.  Those interested in serving as a Lay Leader must apply to be considered for the Lay Leadership Program when the ministry seeks to expand this ministry. Once accepted, candidates must complete an intensive four-month training program to prepare for service.

Oneness Blessing Givers

Individuals provide Oneness Blessings to others. Those individuals interested in serving on this team must be trained in a very sacred, divinely led process which culminates in the transmission of a very special Deeksha called the Mukthi Deeksha. Individuals must go through the Oneness Awakening Course and be initiated as a Oneness Deeksha Giver in order to serve on this ministry.

Meditation Ministry

Assists people in moving to a state of sustained clarity and Oneness. Members work with the minister to organize and lead all meditation opportunities offered by Unity of Washington, DC. Training sessions on leading guided meditations are offered for new members of the ministry.

Pastoral Care Ministry

The Pastoral Support offers special attention to those who are in need of a loving touch. It includes writing cards and letters, calls or visits to congregants who may be ill (in the hospital or at home)and reaching out to those who may be struggling with loss or change.

Prayer Support Ministry

The Prayer Support members pray with love and faith for everyone who turns in a prayer request. Members respond to congregants’ prayer requests by writing or calling. They also pray with congregants following each Sunday worship service. This ministry also identifies a loving volunteer to pray for our congregation during the entire Sunday service. Volunteers must complete the Prayer Team training program prior to joining this team. 

We also invite you to join the Prayer Support Ministry for the WEDNESDAY MORNING PRAYER every Wednesday from 7:30am-7:45am (click here for details)

Reiki Practitioners Ministry

Individual trained in the art of Reiki providing healing energy to congregants of Unity of Washington, DC. Those interested in serving on the team must have at least taken a Reiki I class.

Spiritual Counseling Ministry

Spiritual Counselors work with the Senior Minister in providing spiritual support and guidance to members of the congregation – available by appointment. Those interested in becoming a Spiritual Counselor must apply to be considered as a member of this ministry. The following certifications and/or training are helpful for service on this ministry: licensed/ordained ministers; licensed professional counselors; Licensed Unity Teachers; Lay Leaders; Trained New Thought spiritual counselors/practitioners; psychiatrist/psychologists and social workers. Once an individual becomes a member of this ministry, they are trained in a model of spiritual counseling taught at Unity Village.

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