Discover how others have decided how they will Stand Up For Humanity!
Elizabeth Root

By continuing to teach the young children in my care that love always trumps fear.

Patricia Williams

Being the light and demonstrating goodness, love, and kindness. Inviting God to work through me to offer hope and possibility to others...

Michael Rowe

Being present and supporting those who want to express human rights. The human right to have open borders.

Armeta Ross

Recognizing that everyone is a Child of God; however, some do not behave accordingly.

Keiko Ellis
Belinda Mark
Carolyn W Gullatt

demonstrating the truth that I know: I and all other persons on the planet are unconditionally loved children of The Most High God no matter how we are showing up in the outer.

Taressa Walton

Sharing the Word, Helping the less fortunate and Staying Focused..

Shirley Ford

mentoring and teaching single mothers seeking a pathway to success and an affordable safe-haven from which they can grow and reach self-sufficiency. 'Become an Our Journey Through pathfinder'. A nonprofit 501(c)(3).

Paul Luftenegger

Singing, writing, and composing "conscious kind loving music" to help the heart and soul feel its worth deep within. I am so grateful to be singing at this WONDERFUL #StandUpForHumanity Event on August 10th, 2019!
With pure love and gratitude,
Paul Luftenegger

Catherine Gardner

Resisting the negativity of angry people around me. Keeping my faith that God loves all of us, no mater what. I will be love and I will march.

Vicki Baggette

continuing to resist oppression with my words, my deeds and with my wallet.

Cynthia Weekes

Attending in unity and prayer at event

Abby Rosen
Laurie Russo

Holding political leaders in the healing Light of Spirit to help their hearts and minds open to the Truth that We are One.

Robert Hawkins

Participating in more LGBTQ ralleys and working with my local community to provide supplies for the shower ministry.

Rianna Jones
Brian Coady

I will write a blog exploring the spiritual elements in the political and economic process.

Mark Pollman

Putting aside partisan political differences and focussing on how I can come together with people and not apart. I truly believe that part of my calling is to encourage people in my life to better themselves and in turn I will better myself. Through positivity, listening, & understanding I can find a friend in everyone. Christ loves me and has forgiven me. I can at least try to live my life as he would through me.

Sandy Crowe

By spreading love everywhere I go, by showing people a new way to be with one another, by teaching listening as a way to love and by coming tomorrow night!

Mary Hanson

Rejecting extremism in all its forms--not by overtly resisting (which adds more resistance), but by modeling c0mpassion. And being willing to listen to those who have different opinions from mine.

Rev. Saba Mchunguzi

Teaching the truth about humanity and the truth about God, so that people may become aware of the divinity within themselves, and thereby do more, achieve more, have more and express more!

Deborah Lambdin

Attending the Unity of Washington, D.C. "Stand up for Humanity on Friday, November 3rd! I promise to greet everyone I see with a smile and hello.

Joannaq Skiados

I"m not sure...

Bev Hitchins