The Spiritual Counseling Ministry (SCM)  is comprised of a group of dedicated volunteers who are grounded in Truth principles.  They have been trained in a model of spiritual counseling taught at Unity Village that includes prayer to strengthen one’s ability to see life situations aright.


In accordance with guidelines established by the Association of Unity Churches (AUC), the term “spiritual counseling” is defined as a spiritually-focused process designed to involve the whole person — spiritually, intellectually,  physically, and emotionally. It is not long-term counseling and is therefore limited to three sessions.


In response to your request for counseling support, a specific time has been, or will be, set aside for your counselor to meet with you so that you may receive his/her undivided attention.  The time is valuable to both of you.  Your counselor would not schedule this consultation without  agreement that the time spent would be constructive.  Therefore it is important for you to be on time, and that your time together be spent as efficiently as possible.  Your appointment should be regarded in the same manner as you would an appointment with any other  professional.  If it is necessary for you to cancel or change the time, please give your counselor as much advance notice  as possible.


Your counselor is spiritually qualified and trained to deal with the practical challenges of everyday living. He/she may have also had professional counseling training, but in most cases, is not a psychologist. The greatest value of your counselor is the ability to help you see your challenge clearly so that you may take appropriate action in alignment with Spiritual Law and Principles to address your need by your own prayerful decision.


Should you require professional services beyond the realm of spiritual counseling or need more than the allotted three sessions, your counselor may provide a list of appropriate counseling services and/or provide a referral.


It has been said that the physician dresses the wound and God heals it.   Understanding this truth, Unity ministers conduct dynamic healing ministries. A vital part of this is the activity of prayer and affirmation.  Asking for individual prayer helps begin your commitment to such healing.  Many times even so-called “incurable” conditions are dissolved through the power of prayer and faith.  This is not meant to take the place of any medical assistance that you may be guided to seek.


Very often, your counselor  will   recommend that you attend either classes or services at Unity of Washington, DC, or elsewhere.  Such a recommendation is not an attempt to “build attendance” or to involve you unnecessarily in church activities.  This recommendation is always made only to meet your individual need.


Our Spiritual Counseling Ministry only provides individual counseling. Couples counseling is available by appointment with the Senior Minister.  Please call the church office.


There are no set fees for SCM consultations.  This is a volunteer service provided  for the congregation and for the community.  All support for such service comes from the free-will love offerings of those served.  You will not, therefore, be asked for a donation or be sent a bill.  It is, however,  quite appropriate for you to leave a love offering for the counselor at the end of the consultation. The amount should reflect your consciousness and your appreciation for the loving service which has been rendered to you.


We thank you for your faith in this ministry, evidenced by your calling upon us for consultation.  We know that spiritual counseling services have benefited countless people, and we feel confident that, as we work together, through the Spirit of God in you, your need can and will be met.