Experience Unity of Washington, DC

Sunday Services are In-Person & Online. Service begins at 11am.
The Children’s Rainbow Church has resumed.  Classes begin at 11am.

Worship here is an adventure in fellowship. We have a diverse and abundantly talented congregation that celebrates the Goodness of God. We are One in Spirit, Love, Peace and Joy. The dynamic and powerful lessons in Truth by our Senior Minister, Reverend Sylvia Sumter and a wonderful variety of guest speakers, will uplift your Spirit and you will know that All is Well in your life no matter the appearances.

Visitor Tips


Street parking is available.  Please be conscious of posted parking restrictions.


Closest metro station is “U” Street/Cardoza/African-American Civil War Memorial


  • Arrive before 10:30am. (better chance at getting a space)
  • Park between the lines if on the school lot
  • Respect the neighborhood (it’s a reflection on Unity)


  • Block other cars in
  • Park in front of the planters
  • Park or drive on the blue tarmac on the playground (children play on this)


  • Don’t Block the alley – Must be kept clear for emergency/rescue access
  • Don’t Block Emergency Exit Doors (back of Mazique or the grass behind their building.)
  • Don’t Disrespect the neighborhood (it’s a reflection on Unity)