Unity FAQs: Questions and Answers about Unity

What is Unity?

Unity is positive, practical Christianity. It teaches the practical application in everyday life of Jesus Christ, as interpreted in the light of modern-day experience by Unity School of Christianity and the Association of Unity Churches. Unity is a way of life that leads to health, prosperity, happiness, and peace of mind. The Association of Unity Churches, in cooperation with Unity School of Christianity, has established centers of study and worship throughout the world where people study and practice the Unity way of life. We believe that all people are created with sacred worth. Therefore, we recognize the importance of serving all people within the Unity family in spiritually and emotionally caring ways.

We strive through our ministries, publications, and programs to reach out to all who seek Unity support and spiritual growth. It is imperative that our ministries and outreaches be free of discrimination on the basis of race, gender, age, creed, religion, national origin, ethnicity, physical disability or sexual orientation. Our sincere desire is to create spiritually aware organizations that are nondiscriminatory and that support diversity. In our effort to reach out to all people as did our Way-Shower, Jesus Christ, we support: the modification of our facilities to make them accessible to all people, regardless of physical challenges; the translation of our materials into Braille and other languages; and respect for the wonderful variety of human commitments and relationships.

We encourage ministries, teachers, and others within Unity to honor the strength of diversity within their spiritual communities. It is with love and in celebration of our unity, in the midst of our wondrous diversity, that we affirm this position.

What are the basic tenets of the Unity teachings?

First: God, Divine Mind, is the Source and Creator of all. There is no other enduring power. The nature of God is absolute good; therefore, all manifestations partake of good. What is called “evil” is a limited or incomplete expression of God or good. Evil’s origin is ignorance.

Second: We are spiritual beings, ideas in the Mind of God, created in God’s image and likeness. The ideal expression for every human being is the pattern every person is seeking to bring forth. We call it the Christ. Each individual manifests the Christ in his or her own unique fashion. The perfect expression of the Christ is therefore, different for each person.

Third: Jesus expressed perfection and thereby became the Christ or Jesus Christ. He was a master Teacher and way-shower as the son of God who demonstrated the importance of thoughts, words, and deeds in shaping the life and world of the individual.

Fourth: Jesus’ teaching was based on prayer, which to Him was conscious communion with God. Preparation for prayer involves the use of the spoken word, the creative power of God, which is made practical through denials and affirmations. Unity teaches that repeated use of statements of Truth (denials and affirmations) establishes right patterns of thinking, feeling, and acting. This is one way individuals use the creative power of God to take dominion over mind, body, and affairs.

Does Unity believe in the divinity of Jesus Christ?

Yes, Unity teaches that the spirit of God dwelt in Jesus, just as it indwells every person; and that every person has the potential to express the perfection of Christ, as Jesus did, by being more Christ-like in everyday life.

What are Unity’s distinctive characteristics?

Unity students are encouraged to align with the spirit of the Christ within for personal guidance and direction that will best enhance their spiritual growth. The Unity ministry provides a safe and sacred space for study, participation, fellowship, support, transformation and awakening to the joy of living in God’s world. Each Unity ministry is supported by the freewill offerings of those who share its vision. Unity affirms the freedom of each individual to advance spiritually according to his or her own level of understanding. Respect for and faith in the spirit of God in every person makes it unnecessary to set down fixed creeds or impose limiting beliefs. Each individual is encouraged to follow the Unity teachings in determining personal responses in his or her life.

What is the Unity Worldwide Ministries

As the movement was growing, it became increasingly complex to manage the needs of the field ministries.  The Association of Unity Churches was created in 1966 to serve the needs of the churches and ministers throughout the movement.  Unity Worldwide Ministries includes Unity ministries, their leaders and congregants, regions and a central office—located on the campus of Unity Village. Together, they provide practical teachings to help people live healthy, prosperous and meaningful lives.

The organization focuses on:

  • Providing a central place for ministries to contact for resources, tips and encouragement.
  • Facilitates minister placement.
  • Develops communications vehicles such as the web, videos, social networking, publications, branding materials and our annual convention.
  • Provides educational opportunities for spiritual growth and career development through Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute.
  • Implements standards of credentialing for ministers and licensed teachers.
  • Creates products for ministry development.
  • Produces curriculum and education products for all ages, including small group ministry.
  • Provide ministries with administrative tools including bylaws, and ministers with pension opportunities.
  • Guides the development of new ministries.
  • Fosters the production of uplifting, affirmative music.
  • Organizes the ministry teams and their meetings for our governance.
  • Supports all who contacts them with prayer, etc.

What is the Unity World Headquarters

Unity World Headquarters at Unity Village (formerly Unity School of Christianity) was founded by Charles and Myrtle Fillmore. After Myrtle Fillmore’s remarkable healing utilizing prayer and affirmations, many who were seeking help became interested in how she accomplished this healing. From small prayer circles in living rooms, Unity grew. The first issue of Unity magazine was published in 1889. The teachings of the practice of prayer, through classes and correspondence, led to the establishment of Silent Unity, the Unity School for Religious Studies Continuing Education Program and Ministerial Education Program and Retreat programs. Through its threefold ministry of prayer, publishing, and education, Unity World Headquarters serves millions of people in more than 150 countries.